Message from Fr. Bob Begin, Pastor

I am happy to welcome you to our newly designed website! Thanks to a dedicated and talented group of parishioners who’ve been hard at work, we think that you will be able to find all the information you need about the St. Colman Parish community in this bright new design. But reading about us is not the same as experiencing the people of St. Colman Parish! I invite you to come to St. Colman’s, where the people have always been focused on generosity and hospitality.
It is evident in our liturgies, in our ministries and in all of our celebrations. We try every day to be a place where one can find solace and compassion in tough times and where one can celebrate everything that there is to celebrate in life! In touch with one another and in touch with our loving God, we share our life changing moments at births, weddings, anniversaries, memorials, feast days and even when one of us is born into the fullness of new life. We are here in hard times, too, when pain and worry and emergencies overtake us. We are here in good times and in bad for the people of our Parish and the people of our West 65 Street neighborhood.
Our extended family has just recovered from a wild psychological rollercoaster ride. On March 14, 2009, we were saddened and shocked to learn that the Bishop had decided to merge St. Colman with another parish and close our site. The announcement was followed by six weeks of an intense flurry of activity and prayer that on May 1, 2009, resulted in a successful effort to convince the Bishop to change his mind.
With this joyful new lease on life, on May 26 the parish leadership scheduled the first parish meeting to create a strategic plan for the next three years. The overall strategy now involves seven small but diverse planning groups who are envisioning what St. Colman Parish will be in June of 2012. The planning groups focus on Education, Evangelization, Vibrant Liturgy, Leadership Development, Fund Development, Facilities, and Outreach to immigrants, elderly, young people and those who are poor. Completed in October, 2009, this comprehensive pastoral plan will ensure that the people of St. Colman will continue to share their generosity and hospitality into the future.
It is a new age for St. Colman Parish where we have always worked to increase the participation and ownership of all of the people in our ministry and mission. We are welcoming new members, benefiting from new talent, dreaming new dreams and working together joyfully just as a team of artists and actors might work to develop a new and exciting creation.
The key values will always remain the same: welcoming, inviting, hospitality, generosity, compassion and joy. The same spirit that moved our ancestors in the faith to create St. Colman to welcome new immigrants is at work as we welcome immigrants today. We continue to put our prayers together, to work together as part of the Diocese, part of the neighborhood and part of the City to bring the good news of God’s love and forgiveness to all.
Join us! Visit us! Pray with us! Discover the joy that we know is just a foretaste of the banquet that our God is preparing for us!
Father Bob Begin Pastor

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Mass & Reconciliation

Weekday Masses: 

Monday-Friday 8 AM

(Rosary prayed after Mass)

Weekend Masses:

Saturday Vigil: 5 PM

Sunday: 9 AM & 11 AM

(Rosary prayed Sunday before 9 AM Mass)

Holy Days: As announced 

Reconciliation: Saturdays, 4:30PM or by appointment.

First Friday: First Friday of month Mass at 6:30 PM followed by Holy Hour from 7-8 PM