Weekly Bulletins 2014

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Bulletin November 1 2015

November Calendar 2015

St.Colman Feast Day 2015

All Saints 2015

Bulletin October 25 2015

Halloween Bake Sale Flyer 2015

Bulletin October 18 2015

Bulletin October 11 2015

Bulletin October 4 2015

Calendar October 2015

Bulletin September 27 2015

Bulletin September 20 2015

RCIA INFO Back of Flyer

Bulletin September 13 2015

St.Colman Benefit Tickets Flyer 2015

RCIA Flyer 2015

Bulletin September 6 2015

Calendar September 2015

Bulletin 83015

Bulletin 82315

Parish Picnic Flyer 2015

Cathlocism Series 9 & 10

Bulletin August 16 2015

60 year Jubliee Sr.Audrey and Sr. Ann

Bulletin August 9 2015

Michael Burger Benefit 2015

Cathlocism Series 8

PSR Flyer 2015 2

School Supplies 2015

Rummage Sale Dates & Times 2015

Bulletin August 2 2015

Rummage Volunteer Work Schedule 2015

Cathlocism Series 7

St. Colman Day Benefit 2

Bulletin July 26 2015

PSR Flyer 2015

St. Colman Benefit Flyer

Calendar August 2015

Cathlocism Series 6

Bulletin July 19 2015

Cathlocism Series 5

Bulletin July 12 2015

Rummage Sale Flyer 2015

Cathlocism Series 4

Bulletin July 5 2015

Cathlocism Series 3

July Calendar

Bulletin June 28 2015

Cathlocism Series 2

Fr.Caroli Letter 

Bulletin June 21 2015

Steak Roast Flyer 2

Bulletin June 14 2015

Bulletin June 7 2015

June Calendar 2015

Music Camp 2015

Bulletin May 31 2015

Bulletin 52415

Cathlocism Series 

Tisket a Tasket 2015

Bulletin May 17 2015

Event Calendar May 2015

Steak Roast 2015

Bulletin May 10 2015

Bulletin May 3 2015

Mothers Day Flyer 2015

Bulletin April 26 2015

Bulletin April 19 2015

Bulletin April 12 2015

Bulletin April 5 2015

Flower Fund 2015

Confirmation Information Adults 2015

Bulletin March 29 2015

Bulletin Mrch 22 2015

Ireland Trip Raffle 2015

Bulletin March 15 2015

St. Patrick's Day Honorees

Bulletin March 8 2015

Lenten Soup Supper Fr. Bob

Bulletin March 1 2015

Lent Easter 20153

Bulletin 22215

Medworks 2015

Lent and Easter 20152

Bulletin February 21515 

Honey Baked Ham 2015

Bulletin February 8 2015

Lent and Easter 2015

Valentine's Da 2015

Bulletin February 1 2015

Thomas Merton Catholic Worker

Polka Mass 2015

Bulletin January 25 2015

Bulletin January 18 2015

Twice Blessed Free store

Bulletin January 11 2015

Flower Fund 2014

Bulletin January 4 2015

Fiscal Report 2014

Christmas Letter 2014

Listening Tour 2014

Bulletin December 28 2014

Bulletin December 21 2014

Bulletin December 14 2014 

Bulletin December 7 2014

Christmas Corner 2014

Bulletin November 30 2014

Bulletin November 23 2014

Pie and Patatoes Flyer 2014

Unaccompanied Immigrant Children

Bulletin November 16 2014

The Jeep Magazine

All Souls All Saints 2014

Bulletin 11914

Fr. Caroli Installtion

Bulletin 112141

Bulletin 102614

Bulletin 101914

Bulletin 101214

Northcoast Job Fair

Bulletin 10514

St. Paul Spaghetti Dinner

Bulletin 92814

RCIA Flyer 2014

Bulletin 92114

Ad Form St. Colman day

Feast of St. Colman Letter

Bulletin 91414

Bulletin 9714

Bob"s Last Letter

Bulletin 83114

Bulletin 82414

Bulletin 81714

Bulletin 81014

School Supplies 2014

Parish Picnic 2014

Bulletin 8314

Rummage Sale Dates and Times

Bulletin 72714

Bulletin 72014

Fr.Bob's Letter 2014

Bulletin 71314

3rd Annual Michael Burger Benefit

Rummage Updated/drop schedule 2014


Rummage Sale 2014

Bulletin 62914

STeak Roast and Ireland 619

Bulletin 62214

Bulletin 61514

The Portersharks 2014

Bulletin 6814

Bulletin 6114

Steak Roast Raffle Basket

Ireland and Steak Roast

From the Desk of Fr, Bob

Bulletin 52514

Fr. Bob 50 year jubilee

Bulletin 51814

Bulletin 51114

Bulletin 5414

Bulletin 42714

Wine Tasting Flyer Rev4

Memorial Easter Flower

Bulletin 42014

Wine Tasting and Art in Gordon Square

Bulletin 41314

Palm Sunday Breakfast 2014

Bulletin 4614

Bulletin 33014

Advocate Eileen Kelly Award

Bulletin 32314

Friends of St. Colman

Honey Baked Ham 2014

Ireland Raffle

Bulletin 31614

Bulletin 3914

Lent and Easter 2014

Fish Fries 2014

Bulletin 3214

Bulletin 22314

Auction Flyer 2014

Bulletin 21614

Bulletin 2914

Fr.Begin College Scholarship

Pray The Devil to Hell

Bulletin 2214

Bulletin 12614

Polka Mass 2014

Bulletin 11914

Bulletin 11214

Christmas Flower Fund 2013

Immigarants and refugees flyer

Out of the Darkness- immgrants and refugees

Bulletin 1514

End Human Trafficing

Bulletin 122913

Top of the Towers

Bulletin 122213

Cleveland Magazine St. Colman Day Insert 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

Bulletin 121513

Fiscal Year Report 2013

Pray for Hunger 2013

Bulletin 12813

Christmas Corner 2013

Bulletin 12113

Invitation to St.Stephen Fr. Caroli

Willoughby Brothers

Bulletin 112413

Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Edna House Boutique

Church in the City

Bulletin 111713

Bulletin 111013

All Saints All Souls Remembrance Mass 2013

Bulletin 110313

Bulletin 102713

Jobfair  Northeast Care Center

nvitation Sr. Mary Beth

Bulletin 102013

Bulletin 101313

St. Colman African Drummers

Bulletin 100613

Fall Bake Sale

Bulletin 92913

Historic Haunts


Bulletin 92213

Bulletin 91513

Bulletin 9813

Immigration and Peace

September 1 2013

March on Washington

Sprituality Survey

Welcome Fr. Caroli Shao

RCIA 2013


August 18, 2013

August 11, 2013

School Supplies 2013




Mission Appeal Uganda

Rummage Sale 2013

Michael Burger Benefit 2013

Parish Picnic 2013


Outreach 2013




African Liturgy 2013



SteakRoast Flyer 2013



SteakRoast & Ireland Raffle



reland Raffle Flyer


Gas and Ireland Raffle



Cleveland Orchestra admission tickets

Cleveland Orchestra

Bringing people together

April 21 2013

April 14 2013

May Day Event

April 7 2013

Gas and Ireland Flyer

Easter Flower Fund

March 31 2013

March 24 2013

Revised Lent and Easter

March 17, 2013

Honeybaked Ham Flyer

March 10, 2013

Eat Breakfast with us on Palm Sunday 2013

March 3, 2013

February 24, 2013

February 17, 2013

February 10, 2013

February 3, 2013

Polka Mass 2013

January 27, 2013

Bishop Lennon's Letter 2013

January 20, 2013

January 11, 2013

January 6, 2013

bulletin 82513.pdf409.64 KB
RCIA 2013.pdf55.47 KB
WElcome Fr. Caroli 2.pdf123.76 KB
Survey on Spirtuality.pdf33.28 KB
March on Washington.pdf160.23 KB
bulletin 9113.pdf384.7 KB
PeaceandJusticeReport_2013.08.22_Immigration.pdf708.38 KB
bulletin 9813.pdf385.55 KB
bulletin 91513.pdf398.86 KB
bulletin 92213.pdf267.11 KB
Historic_Haunts_poster.pdf1.02 MB
Music project_Bluegrass1(1).pdf508.72 KB
bulletin 92913.pdf261.13 KB
Fall bake sale flyer 20113.pdf64.23 KB
EK bulletin 10613.pdf352.85 KB
St. Colman african drummers.pdf488.09 KB
Bulletin 913131.pdf451.59 KB
Bulletin 92013 (Recovered).pdf288.86 KB
Staying Awake flier B&W for St Colman.pdf72.3 KB
Sr. Mary Beth Invitation.pdf72.3 KB
Job Fair-ST Colmans.pdf154.99 KB
Bulletin 92713.pdf347.3 KB
Bulletin11313.pdf309.41 KB
All Saints All Souls Rememberance Mass 2013 Data.pdf48.62 KB
Bulletin 111013.pdf307.81 KB
The Church in the City.pdf997.73 KB
Bulletin 111713.pdf403.86 KB
CCHD.pdf466.35 KB
Edna House Boutique.pdf67.03 KB
Bulletin 112413.pdf375.5 KB
Willoughby Brothers.pdf259.1 KB
invatation to St.Stephen Fr. Caroli.pdf88.19 KB
Bulletin 12113.pdf296.51 KB
Family Christmas Corner 2013.pdf228.25 KB
Bulletin 12813.pdf373.98 KB
Prayer to end hunger 2013.pdf101.59 KB
fiscal year report 2013.pdf368.93 KB
Bulletin 121513.pdf349.37 KB
Christmas Letter 2013.pdf113.26 KB
Cleveland Magazine St. Colman Day Insert.pdf2.02 MB
Bulletin 122213.pdf1.01 MB
Top of the Towers ad order form.pdf63.93 KB
Bulletin 122913.pdf325.43 KB
End Human Trafficing.pdf90.19 KB
Bulletin 1514.pdf321.23 KB
Out of the Darkness.pdf164.15 KB
flier for migrants and refugees-1.pdf72.19 KB
Christmas Flower Fund 2013.pdf117.64 KB
Bulletin 11214.pdf321.63 KB
Bulletin 11914.pdf341.95 KB
Join Us for the Annual Polka Event 2014.pdf51.04 KB
Bulletin 12614.pdf352.11 KB
Bulletin 2214.pdf359.2 KB
Bulletin 2914.pdf344.33 KB
Bulletin 21614.pdf348.35 KB
Auction Flyer(1).pdf48.99 KB
Bulletin 22314.pdf373.92 KB
Bulletin 3214.pdf345.61 KB
The Third Annual Lenten Fish Fries 2014.pdf78.31 KB
lent easter 2014.pdf92.43 KB
Bulletin 3914 (Repaired).pdf325.15 KB
Bulletin 31614.pdf330.11 KB
Honey Baked Ham order form and description 2014.pdf152.45 KB
Ireland Raffle Flyer 2024 v3.pdf3.89 MB
FRIENDS OF ST colman.pdf35.82 KB
Bulletin 32314.pdf311.87 KB
Advocate of the Year Eileen Kelly.pdf91.79 KB
Bulletin 4614.pdf279.12 KB
Eat Breakfast with us on Palm Sunday 2014 flyer.pdf74.02 KB
Bulletin 41314.pdf248.88 KB
Bulletin 33014.pdf197.75 KB
Wine Tasting Flyer 2014.pdf25.46 KB
Bulletin 42014.pdf157.51 KB
Wine Tasting Flyer REV4.pdf211.09 KB
Bulletin 42714 (Recovered).pdf361.17 KB
Bulletin 5414.pdf301.53 KB
Bulletin 51114.pdf369.93 KB
Bulletin 51814.pdf432.26 KB
Fr. Bob's 50th jubilee.pdf142.13 KB
Bulletin 52514.pdf442.85 KB
From the Desk of Fr. Bob.pdf76.59 KB
Ireland and steak flyer 2014.pdf79.26 KB
St Colman Basket Raffle Flyer(1).pdf345.38 KB
Bulletin 6114.pdf343.49 KB
Bulletin 6814.pdf326.86 KB
The Portersharks 2014.pdf53.38 KB
Bulletin 61514.pdf384.3 KB
Bulletin 62214.pdf401.89 KB
Steak Roast 2014 Flyer updated 619.pdf332.46 KB
Bulletin 62914.pdf105.28 KB
Rummage Sale 2014.pdf32.61 KB
Rummage Sale 2014 updated 62.pdf62.8 KB
Benefit Flyer 2014SC.pdf138.41 KB
Bulletin 7614.pdf287.17 KB
Bulletin 71314.pdf398.38 KB
Bob Survey Letter Insert for Bulletin (2).pdf69.28 KB
Bulletin 72014.pdf380.51 KB
Bulletin 72714.pdf323.63 KB
Rummage Sale Dates and Times.pdf53.62 KB
Bulletin 8314.pdf299.84 KB
Parish Picnic 2014 Flyer.pdf63.12 KB
School Supplies 2014 flyer.pdf36.75 KB
Bulletin 81014.pdf293.71 KB
Bulletin 81714.pdf174.44 KB
Bulletin 82414.pdf170.86 KB
Bob last letter EK edit (1).pdf28.96 KB
Bulletin 83114.pdf179.39 KB
Bulletin 71314.pdf398.38 KB
Bulletin 9714.pdf337.95 KB
Bulletin 91414.pdf460.68 KB
St .Colman day ad form 2014.pdf41.58 KB
Dear Friends St. colman 2014 letter.pdf62.76 KB
RCIA flyer revised 2014.pdf69.02 KB
Bulletin 92114 EK.pdf203.52 KB
Bulletin 92814.pdf379.81 KB
St. Paul Spaghetti Dinner 2014.pdf221.85 KB
Northcoast Job Fair.pdf170.69 KB
Bulletin 105142.pdf400.27 KB
Bulletin 101214.pdf434.9 KB
Bulletin 101914.pdf444.5 KB
Bulletin 102614.pdf277.9 KB
Bulletin 112141.pdf313.57 KB
Installation Fr.pdf25.3 KB
Bulletin 110914.pdf305.65 KB
All Souls Day Remembrance 2014.pdf46.51 KB
Jeep verbiage (3).pdf22.58 KB
Bulletin 111614.pdf304.61 KB
uac flyer.pdf176.94 KB
pies and potatoes 2015 flyer.pdf308.5 KB
Bulletin 112314.pdf315.31 KB
Christmas Corner flyer 2014.pdf232.21 KB
Bulletin 113014.pdf321.51 KB
Christmas Corner flyer 2014.pdf232.21 KB
Bulletin 12714.pdf365.93 KB
Bulletin 121414.pdf366.68 KB
Bulletin 122114.pdf333.1 KB
Bulletin 122814.pdf312.05 KB
Listening Tour 2014.pdf157.48 KB
Christmas Letter 2014 final.pdf66.3 KB
Fiscal Report 2013.pdf301.77 KB
Bulletin 1415.pdf304.96 KB
Christmas Flower Fund 2014.pdf46.44 KB
The Twice Blessed Free Store Grand Opening Flyer NH.pdf65.8 KB
Bulletin 11115.pdf570.46 KB
Bulletin 11815.pdf589.17 KB
Bulletin 12515.pdf363.44 KB
Fri Jan 30 Merton event at CWorker.pdf63.3 KB
polka flyer 2.15.pdf82.56 KB
Bulletin 2115.pdf285.47 KB
Valentines_Sale_2015_Flyer (1).pdf77.94 KB
Bulletin 28151.pdf303.06 KB
lent easter 2015.doc103.5 KB
Honey Baked Ham order form 2015.pdf153.9 KB
Bulletin 215151.pdf318.78 KB
lent easter 20152.pdf87.42 KB
Medworks February 2015.pdf58.98 KB
Bulletin 22215.pdf295.62 KB
lent easter 20153.pdf87.39 KB
lent easter 20153.pdf87.39 KB
Bulletin 3115.pdf291 KB
Bulletin Flier for soup supper other parishes 2015 (1).pdf358.92 KB
Bulletin 38153.pdf363.83 KB
St. Patrick's Day Honorees.pdf158.52 KB
Bulletin 31515.pdf408.33 KB
Trip Raffle Poster 2015 (1).pdf147.23 KB
Bulletin 32215.pdf327.4 KB
Bulletin 32915.pdf290.78 KB
Confirmation Information adult 2015.pdf36.14 KB
Bulletin 4515.pdf328.21 KB
Bulletin 41215.pdf311.95 KB
Bulletin 41915.pdf331.22 KB
Bulletin 42615.pdf314.24 KB
Mothers Day Sale (1).pdf277.16 KB
Bulletin 5315.pdf313.29 KB
Bulletin 51015.pdf315.11 KB
Steak Roast Ireland 2015 Flyer.pdf852.14 KB
calendar of events May 2015.pdf26.83 KB
Bulletin 51715.pdf255.28 KB
Catholicism Series invite and episode 1.pdf70.22 KB
St Colman Basket Raffle Flyer2015 (1).pdf346.37 KB
Bulletin 52415.pdf265.52 KB
Bulletin 53115.pdf298.5 KB
calendar of events June 2015.pdf40.06 KB
Music Camp 2015.pdf62.5 KB
Bulletin 6715.pdf313.92 KB
Steak Roast Flyer 20152.pdf173.27 KB
Bulletin 61415.pdf313.41 KB
Bulletin 62115.pdf418.58 KB
Catholicism Series invite and episode 2.pdf70.14 KB
Fr. Caroli Letter 2015.pdf66.21 KB
Bulletin 62815.pdf326.08 KB
calendar of events July 2015.pdf40.8 KB
Catholicism Series invite and episode 3.pdf69.35 KB
Bulletin 7515.pdf296.65 KB
Rummage Sale 2015.pdf61.83 KB
Catholicism Series invite and episode 4.pdf70.07 KB
Catholicism Series invite and episode 5.pdf69.06 KB
Bulletin 71215.pdf322.1 KB
Bulletin 71915.pdf300.33 KB
Catholicism Series invite and episode 6 (1).pdf70.3 KB
PARISH SCHOOL OF Religion 2015 flyer.pdf41.06 KB
calendar of events August 2015.pdf43.3 KB
St. Colman Benefit Flyer Keeping the doors open 2015.pdf97.35 KB
Bulletin 72615.pdf318.74 KB
Rummage Sale Mock Schedule 2015.pdf34.83 KB
Catholicism Series invite and episode 7.pdf69.68 KB
Benefit 2015 Kick off Ticket Sales Flyer 2nd.pdf81.38 KB
Bulletin 8215.pdf300.48 KB
Catholicism Series invite and episode 8.pdf69.66 KB
School Supplies 2015 flyer.pdf36.55 KB
PARISH SCHOOL OF Religion 2015 flyer 2.pdf41.39 KB
Rummage Flyer dates and times 2015.pdf25.88 KB
Michael Burger Benefit Flyer 2015SC (1).pdf205.91 KB
Bulletin 8915.pdf301.34 KB
Congratulations to the Sister of St csj 2015.pdf53.07 KB
Catholicism Series invite and episode 10.pdf68.15 KB
Catholicism Series invite and episode 10.pdf68.15 KB
Bulletin 81615.pdf337.22 KB
Parish Picnic 2015 Flyer.pdf72.71 KB
Bulletin 82315 (Autosaved).pdf317.1 KB
Bulletin 83015.pdf422.93 KB
calendar of events September 2015.pdf40.97 KB
Bulletin 9615.pdf411.25 KB
RCIA flyer revised 2015.pdf68.77 KB
Flyer for St.pdf53.26 KB
2015-16 RCIA flyer syllabus.pdf51.71 KB
Bulletin 91315.pdf446.9 KB
Bulletin 92015.pdf423.18 KB
Bulletin September 27 2015.pdf337.88 KB
calendar of events October 2015.pdf55.59 KB
Bulletin 10615.pdf406.11 KB
Bulletin 101115.pdf368.64 KB
Halloween l bake sale flyer 2015.pdf61.32 KB
Bulletin 101815.pdf476.53 KB
Bulletin 102515.pdf551.91 KB
calendar of events November 2015.pdf48.53 KB
St. Colman Feast Day.pdf471.52 KB
All Souls Day Remembrance 2015.pdf46.07 KB
Bulletin 11115.pdf350.5 KB
Bulletin 11115 revamp 2.pdf350.32 KB
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Mass & Reconciliation

Weekday Masses: 

Monday-Friday 8 AM

(Rosary prayed after Mass)

Weekend Masses:

Saturday Vigil: 5 PM

Sunday: 9 AM & 11 AM

(Rosary prayed Sunday before 9 AM Mass)

Holy Days: As announced 

Reconciliation: Saturdays, 4:30PM or by appointment.

First Friday: First Friday of month Mass at 6:30 PM followed by Holy Hour from 7-8 PM