Weekly Bulletins

We are having trouble uploading our weekly bulletin at the top of this list, but if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you will be able to find the latest bulletin. We apologize for the inconvenience and assure you that we are working to make it easier to access.  *Adobe Reader required to view.


School Supplies 2013




Mission Appeal Uganda

Rummage Sale 2013

Michael Burger Benefit 2013

Parish Picnic 2013


Outreach 2013




African Liturgy 2013



SteakRoast Flyer 2013



SteakRoast & Ireland Raffle



reland Raffle Flyer


Gas and Ireland Raffle



Cleveland Orchestra admission tickets

Cleveland Orchestra

Bringing people together

April 21 2013

April 14 2013

May Day Event

April 7 2013

Gas and Ireland Flyer

Easter Flower Fund

March 31 2013

March 24 2013

Revised Lent and Easter


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Bishop Lennon's Letter 2013.pdf60.23 KB
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Polka Mass 2013 Flyer.pdf43.5 KB
Christams Letter 2012..pdf152.28 KB
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Lent and Easter 2013 at St c.pdf69.62 KB
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Eat Breakfast with us on Palm Sunday 2013 flyer.pdf73.35 KB
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HoneyBaked flyer 2013.pdf88.1 KB
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Lent and Easter 20131 at St c.pdf82.69 KB
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Easter Flower Fund 2013.pdf885.44 KB
GAs and Ireland Raffle 2013.pdf431.05 KB
GAs and Ireland Raffle 2013.pdf431.05 KB
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May Day Event(2).pdf104.69 KB
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General admission tickets for The Cleveland Orchestra concert 2013-1.pdf73.06 KB
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African Catholic Liturgy 2013.pdf54.66 KB
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Outreach 2013.pdf152.91 KB
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Parish Picnic 2013 Flyer.pdf58.93 KB
Michael Benefit 2013v2.pdf123.35 KB
Rummage Sale 2013.pdf81.38 KB
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